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AeroFamily Day 2017


On 26 February 2017, AeroFamily Day 2017 was successfully held by Aerosoc (Aero society) at Kompleks Sukan, USM Engineering Campus. It was a special day that gathered up USM Aerospace engineering lecturers, staffs and students to get to know each other and mingle around.
A series of events was carried out to motivate the interaction and communication between lecturers, staffs and students:

AeroFamilyDay1 a

AeroFamilyDay1 b

A warm up session, aerobics was led by a group of students. The moves by them were energetic which enjoyed by all the participants.

AeroFamilyDay1 c


AeroFamilyDay1 d

Strategizing games were carried out to promote the communication between the participants. Ability to communicate well is very important for an engineer. Therefore, the games had given a very good platform to motivate students to share their thoughts and communicate with each other.

AeroFamilyDay1 e


AeroFamilyDay1 f


AeroFamilyDay1 g

Lastly, the ultimate goal of this AeroFamily Day 2017 is to break to barrier between students and staffs regardless the races and ages. Without the barrier between each other, a better and harmonic learning environment will be created.

Photo & Text : Lim Guang Ming