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Space Camp 2017

USM Space System Lab have organized Space Camp 2017 for secondary school students on 26th-27th August 2017 to instil the minds of young science apperentices in exploring deeper into the study of space environment and technologies. Throughout this camp, the first category (the lower form) students were exposed to problem solving , generating ideas and critical thinking while the second category (upper form) students were introduced to space technology .


    The first category students were guided by our team to create a genuine ideas of experiments to be carried together with our HAB to space. The constraint given was an area of 17cmX5cm platform which is a non-living organisms and non-chemical substances to guarantee a safe launch. Instead of just knowing that there were only nine planets, a Sun and a Moon revolving around the Earth, new terms were introduced and applied such as the Big Bang Theory, microgravity, space capsules and so forth. Besides doing researches on the experiment, they also need to come out with an early hypothesis on how would their experiments be affected by the environment in the stratosphere and analyze the post-launch data with a descriptive presentation of hows and whys.


    The CanSat technology and coding of the arduino was introduced to the second category students. They were guided by an expert from the Space System Lab of USM and undergraduate students of USM in setting up the mission planner and troubleshooting the microcontroller. They are able to launch their very own CanSat in conjunction with the launching of our HAB but from the height of 3280ft above ground.During the launching of their CanSat, when the transmitted data showed the view from their CanSats, one of the students said “ I’ve never thought space technologies could be so wild and amazing that I can even set up my own satellite! How I wished all my friends could be here and see this”. Hence, we know that we are starting to inspire the students and opened up their minds on the nature of this field.


    The students and teachers who are involved were highly anticipated with all the activities done and the knowledge they obtained during the one hour space education and space camp. Knowing that Malaysia is still lacking a lot in terms of Aerospace Technology and Industries, the people doesn’t expect that we are able to send of balloons to as high as 69,000ft! Futhermore, the outcome of this programme remarks the success of the entire outreach when the students are able to launch their own cansat and the hypothesis of 75% of the experiments conducted are accepted.



    Our sponsors, Flex Plant 5, came to observe the progress of the event during the launch day. Seeing the number of kids impacted from this programme, they were truly happy and does not regret of sponsoring. They are glad that they could be a part of us, giving back to the nation and society. The comittees look forward to collaborate with us on the upcoming years as they know that more young apprentices out there need this kind of outreach to build their potentials , polish their skills and make their dreams come true. We would like to thank you all the staff from USM Space System Lab, space crew of Space System Lab, participants, parents, sponsors and everyone who support us from all over the galaxy!


For more exciting video please visit:

Flight Footage : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tENhnLSxyjg

Students Outreach Video Link :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCWYltxUuAA&feature=youtu.be (Outreach video)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKQJBYtKayw&feature=youtu.be (A tribute to our Independence Day)




Prepared by:

Farah Hanum binti Mohd Fadzil