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School of Aerospace Engineering organised their first International Conference of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AeroMech’17) on 21 till 22 November 2017 held at Parkroyal Hotel, Penang, Malaysia. The theme for AeroMech’17 is “Recent Advancements and Innovations in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering”. Such an important and significant theme highlights the role of USM at the forefront of discussions on the latest discoveries in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. It also fulfils the aspiration of the university in upholding its motto ‘We Lead’.

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AeroMech‘17 became an international podium to present the state of art research & development in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, while exchanging ideas, thoughts and information between the academia and industry. This international conference has gathered experts and promoted networking as well as exposing new findings and ideas. In summary, AeroMech’17 managed to attract almost 200 authors’ participation from all over the world with 66 full papers acceptance out of the 94 submission.

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We are also delighted to have two distinguish keynote speakers, Dr. Chan Weoi Leong, research scientist at Temasek Laboratories, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Mr. Izmir Yamin, Founder and CEO of Independence–X Aerospace Sdn. Bhd to address our conference aspiration. Dr. Chan will deliver a talk on the Recent Development and Challenges on Insect-Inspired Flapping Wing Micro-Air-Vehicle, while Mr Izmir will be presenting on The Development of Flying Mechanism for Martian Surface.

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Text & Photo : Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Parvathy Rajendran, CEng.