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Outcome Based Education



Starting from the 2006/2007 Academic Session, the OBE practice has been adopted in the teaching and assessment of all Engineering Degree Programmes at the School of Aerospace Engineering. The implementation of the OBE emphasises on the definite objective of the attributes of the graduates to be produced by the programme. In this relation, the development of Programme Educational Objective (PEO) has incorporated the input from all stakeholders, which include industries, government, parents, alumni, students and lecturers. Thus the following PEO have been set:

1) To produce employable graduates with the knowledge and competency in mechanical and manufacturing  engineering.

2) To produce graduates with capacity and ethics to lead.

3) To produce graduates for innovative engineering design tasks

4) To produce graduates for sustainable technology development

5) To produce graduates who posses interest in research and lifelong learning, as well as continuously striving for the forefront of technology

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